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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

..................THE Interpretor's Testimony

After taking Athens, the Persian King Xerxes set up his throne on a hill overlooking the sea. He expected his larger fleet of 800 triremes to easily defeat the Greek fleet of 200 triremes. The Greeks, lead by Themistocles, took advantage of the narrow waterways around the island of Salamis. Their ships were more maneuverable and were able to trap the larger fleet of the Persians. Because the Persians were not able to maneuver well, the Greeks were able to ram them almost at will. The Persian defeat was so great that they were never able to mount another attack into Greece again.

After their defeat at the battle of Thermopylae, the Greeks were in great need of a victory to stop the Persian advance into their territories. An Athenian politician and general named Themistocles decided to abandon Athens and evacuated the entire city, with exception of a small honorary force to defend the Acropolis. He did not want to offend Athena, their patron goddess, by leaving her temple completely undefended. Themistocles decided to concentrate the Athenian forces in their navy to attack the Persians… "Why do these two totals of the evidence here of which you have testified that they’ re the same...have to different answers?"
"Coz one was prepared for shipping document import from they closed down branch in Malaysia".....and the other one "Was the customs' code for duty free industrialize estates here in Samut-prakarn court house's vicinity."

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The moon represents my heart

นิชา หิรัญบูรณะ ธุวธรรม

27 Nov 56 Mrs Nisha Hiran restore her life as a wife of commander Gen. officers who died in the incident on 10 Apr 53 posted in Facebook's Nicha Hiranburana Thuvatham comment. to people who claim to "neutral" looks as if it is good, but yea. Those who do not dare to face the consequences of their decisions separately, which today who do not have the answer. Or have an answer in mind. Proclaim the apparently To choose any answer During the grace, or selfless service. "Neutral" Today we went to the crossroads to decide whether to turn left or turn right, who claimed to be neutral so that it looks like a good person. In fact, the only track not recognize what is happening or not, you are not brave enough to face the consequences of their decisions. Because whether the left or right. Had a total impact Depending on whether you choose effects that are beneficial to themselves or advantage to the public, they are the ones that claim to neutrality has no choice. And there are many people who secretly choice in mind. But do not dare to tell anyone that you choose something because what? Reply himself to it wholeheartedly ... the answer is grace or favor.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

....The DSI defense chess trap

; >> The articles of impeachment will go to the House headed by a resolution, which in its present draft form reads: "Resolved, that Richard M. Nixon, president of the United States, is impeached for high crimes and misdemeanors, and that the following articles be exhibited to the Senate: . . ." The impeachment inquiry, which began seven months ago, was provoked principally by Watergate but other issues covered by a proposed Article II charging abuse of power cause more concern among some members. Some Republicans are most concerned about allegations that Mr. Nixon misused such sensitive agencies as the Internal Revenue Service and the Central Intelligence Agency for political purposes. Others are most concerned about Mr. Nixon's defiance of committee subpoenas, which is now included in Article II as a contempt of Congress count, but may be broken out into a separate article. An attempt may be made to offer a fourth article on tax evasion, but it is not expected to be approved. ... If I recall correctly this is from a game Fischer played against Boris Spassky. " The DSI defense, its works most of the time, your opponent don't falls into trap and do exactly what you want, if,you are too focused." Quoted Bobby. .

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

....to return the sovereign power to people

..On the subject of return the sovereign power to peoples by reelection.which is the instrument for democracy. When citing of section 3 of the Thai's constitution, protest leader insisted they have the right to re4call the people's mandate from the government and the house. As jarupong recollected his memmory on red-shirts leader had asked the same prior to this demonstration,....to return the sovereign power to peoples. and, "they get the bullets in return." Then, vice_visa he asked, "Which do you want? May be bullets or mandate."

interior minister

The question has been asked, Do you want the election or return sovereign power to

 people, or both ? Never crossed me again or I'll slash your ear by music that you can't

...................The ample smile of perjury

The ample smile of perjur "poo” dramatic tears of pleading sympathy,however,walking back stage slam back with her..butts and ..smile an uncertain smile... coyingly. ..

Monday, December 9, 2013

..........................Cognizant and Convergence